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A Bespoke Education Experience

Ivy came into being as a response to the one-size-fits-all education practice, hence, tailoring education to the student experience is at the heart of all we do. Our students collaborate with their peers and teachers to form a community of learners that think deeply about real world problems, use creativity to solve unique challenges in the community, and engage in meaningful dialogue about their passion and purpose.




Here at Ivy, our environment is curated to provide multiple opportunities for play and learning in all spaces. Our unique Tehzeeb Program allows students to connect with cultural values and practices, while ongoing mentorship and counseling supports student social and emotional development. Personalized learning at every level provides multiple avenues for students and families to engage in community service through academics and in-school service clubs.


Supporting Social Emotional Needs


Working to bring change

Service learning


learning at ivy

Placing Play at the heart of learning

At Ivy, playful learning is not just a supplement to the core curriculum, but the core itself. We believe that by providing students the elements of choice, wonder and delight in their learning we can not only engage them as lifelong learners but build in them a desire to explore and improve their world with compassion, curioisity and courage. Learn more about our work on play here


Preparing for the future


My favourite thing about Ivy is that the school boosts confidence and doesn't focus on rote learning. I love the module topics, plays and assemblies. The teachers are great! They are empathetic and boosts the creativity of the students. Besides that, I love the ambassador program, coding class, bamboo workshops and the art class.
- Zahra Shaban, Ivy Parent