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Ivy is an inquiry-based, learner-centric school that aims to develop reflective, capable and caring learners who are prepared to meet the needs of a changing global landscape.

Excellence, Service and a Tailored Education

Ivy works with each child to help them achieve their maximum potential. We believe that a culture of excellence and possibilities can provide our students with the wings they need to fly high. We hope to keep the essence of our school alive at every step of our growth and expansion.


Excellence in all we do

The Ivy School has been a breath of fresh air amidst the rat race of worksheet-heavy schools. It is truly a play-based school and it’s amazing how much the kids learn just through play. The teachers work really hard in creating class plans and this is evident by the wide variety of activities the kids do in class...These kids are having a ball and learning so much! The school works so hard in instilling a love of books in children and it is evident by the interest my son takes in just sitting down and going through books. Over the span of his time at Ivy, I have observed that my son seems to be getting a very practical understanding of the world around him. I have also noticed that my son has started asking more questions about the world and I love that he is developing an inquisitive mind..."
- Maira Riaz, Parent