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Every Student an Author of their own story

At Ivy, students take charge of their learning and defy the mold that says what can or cannot be done. Our personalized learning, unique course offerings, and passion pathways allow students to develop defined interests without letting systems determine who they are and how far they can go.

Our learning environments are some of the best the country has to offer and provide multiple opportunities for students and teachers to co-construct knowledge, develop creative partnerships, and provide authentic experiences that foster agency, self-advocacy, and a love of learning.


What Sets Us Apart

International Award-Winning Curriculums
Strong Focus on Social Justice and Service Learning
Unparalleled Visual and Performance Arts
Excellent Gifted and Talented Program for Accelerated Learners
One-of-a-Kind Early Childhood through Primary Tennis Program
Tehzeeb – A Unique Lens on Social & Emotional Learning
Personalized Learning and Passion Projects
Exposure to World Languages from Early Childhood through Primary

Community Voices






About Ivy

Ivy has made a name in the local and international educational landscape for its culture of excellence, commitment to innovation, and an extraordinary focus on nurturing young minds and hearts. We instil in our students the power of change-making and the committment to deep learning and exploration. Ivy students grow up in a community where every student is cared for, advocated for, and every student personalises their learning.