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Ivy Prepares

Ivy Prepares

Our well-rounded, research-based curriculum invites students to explore, discover, construct and to deepen their understanding of the world we live in. At Ivy, we follow two international curricular frameworks - an early years play-based framework for our preschool and an inquiry-based programme of studies for the primary years. Both these frameworks are student-centered and inquiry-driven where children’s interests and questions inform curricular design and learning.

Ivy Inspires

Our specialty classes offer students a chance to explore their individual strengths and the opportunity to focus on areas for growth in smaller, more intimate settings. We provide an environment that embraces creativity, collaboration and critical thinking, which in turn inspires artistic expression, confidence and a lifelong appreciation for learning. We offer a balance of academics, arts and athletics through classes such as STEM, music, visual arts, yoga and physical education to develop well-rounded students.

Ivy Inspires
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Ivy Nurtures

An Ivy education is based on high-quality creative teacher performance. Our teachers are skilled and passionate individuals who are dedicated to the happiness and growth of their students. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees in areas such as early childhood education, child development, and psychology. They also participate in ongoing professional development to equip them with the tools they need, to give students an excellent academic experience.

Ivy Supports

Designed by one of the foremost architects of the country, our beautiful campus provides multiple opportunities for real-life learning in developmentally appropriate spaces. With ample outdoor and indoor areas for playing, learning and growing, the facility is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our young students. All classrooms are equipped with world-class resources to extend and challenge children’s thinking in relation to their learning goals.

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Ivy Promotes

At Ivy, we believe that performance-based models alone do not support true learning in the classroom. Hence, we focus on the overall well-being of all children, and encourage them to build a rich foundation for the progress of their emotional development, skills and competence. We combine our teaching methodology with effective support systems to create a warm and nurturing environment where students are motivated to learn at their own pace.

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