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Making a Difference Together

What makes Ivy different is the range of unique talents offered by our experienced and qualified educators. We select candidates who are not only experts in their field, but who wish to impact lives and bring change to the education system by being life-defining mentors in our students' academic, extracurricular and social-emotional development. Ivy is an equal employment opportunity employer and all are welcome to apply. 

The Associate Teacher Trainee Program

In 2022, Ivy built networks with the best education programs in the country to launch its Associate Teacher Trainee (ATT) Program. To apply for the ATT Program, candidates must:

- Hold a bachelors or masters in education or education-related fields

- Commit to a rigorous two-year internship at the school

- Have a desire to excel in education and build a career in the field

Qualified candidates are called in for a three-step interview and placement process. Applications open in January and final decisions are communicated in June.



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Building a professional learning community (PLC)

We at Ivy believe in building a learner-centric community that focuses on constant professional development and a collaborative culture. Open communication is at the heart of our organisation and everyone is encouraged to exchange ideas and suggestions.

We all want to feel heard and that is what we believe at Ivy. Inspiration comes with trust so let us hold hands and build up that relationship.

Primary School Teacher

 I have always felt motivated and empowered to teach. Ivy believes in growing as a community and that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives.

Preschool Teacher

 We, at Ivy, take it as our determined responsibility to raise and inspire our saplings with true grit, who will lead the world into a better future. Our school is designed to instil the qualities in students which would build in them character, strength and knowledge.

Primary Teacher