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Hear from our wonderful people

We were looking for a "think-out-of-the-box" project and play-based learning approach for our son and we felt Ivy has just that. We love the teachers and admin staff at Ivy, the overall experience, classes and extracurriculars. Our experience to date has been awesome and I would definitely recommend Ivy to other parents.


Huma Sadiq

It has been a refreshing and pleasant experience working with Ivy. The support and learning experiences given to us as teachers is hard to find at most places. This support makes us feel motivated and empowered. Integrity which is a very valuable trait to me is at the heart of Ivy's philosophy. Such a balanced professional and caring environment is rare. The curriculum at Ivy is also research-backed and the latest in the field. They are pioneers in many aspects of education. The team's motivation to make a difference will take them to great heights. 

Preschool Teacher

Sandal Parvez

I like The Ivy School because we have plays, different roles and have a lot of fun during rehearsals. We have fun performance tasks and group works that I really enjoy. We also get to work on our passion projects where we make things that we are passionate about. We have fun sports classes like soccer and tennis. My favourite is soccer. My school also has it's own bags. It provides us with lunches too if you sign up for it.

Grade 5 Student

M. Aayan

I moved here from Toronto and wanted to find a school that was similar to schools abroad. Ivy fit all my criteria. I wanted a school that was forward-thinking and had a practical approach, not just textbook theoretical thinking. My favourite thing about Ivy is that the school boosts confidence and doesn't focus on rote learning. I love the module topics, plays and assemblies. The teachers are great! They are empathetic and boost the creativity of students. Besides that, I love the ambassador program, coding class, bamboo workshops and the art class. It's no surprise that I will recommend Ivy to other parents, especially on Facebook groups.


Zahra Shaban Allibhoy

I chose Ivy because of its play-based approach. Apart from that, I love the environment, the leaders, the detailing in the classrooms and love how my child has adjusted in the classroom. I would definitely recommend Ivy to others.


Aimen Soomro


I chose Ivy because of the system they follow. Their teaching methodology is very hands-on which I really like. From concerned teachers to the junior staff, from classrooms to playground, everything is great and a perfect fit for my child. So far my experience with Ivy has been great! Hussaina loves going to school and waits eagerly every morning to start her day! I am a satisfied and happy parent and I would 100% recommend Ivy to everyone. 


Batool Shaikh

At The Ivy School, I have always felt motivated and empowered to teach. Ivy believes in growing as a community and that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives. They are organised and united under a mission that they truly carry out in the everyday. The Head of School has always been keen towards mentoring and inspiring her team and takes great pleasure in watching us progress in every aspect of our lives.

Preschool Teacher

Neha Danish

I chose Ivy mainly because of how well they take care of the children. Their teacher-to -student ratio is quite low. My favourite thing about Ivy is that it fosters a sense of community, boosts confidence and promotes a sense of belonging in students. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Ivy to other parents.


Maheen Abdullah

Every child should be nurtured in such a way that they are able to express their thoughts and actions freely. We, at Ivy, take it as our determined responsibility to raise and inspire our saplings with true grit, who will lead the world into a better future. Our school is designed to instil the qualities in students which would build in them character, strength and knowledge. I became a part of the Ivy family in 2019. Having worked abroad for a very long time, I wasn’t sure how I would adapt to this change. The curriculum was new to me. I learnt along  with my students. This curriculum helped me prepare my students to contribute to a better world, to become active citizens and ethical people. The Ivy school has a positive environment that builds relationships among students and teachers. We strongly believe that “Every Child Matters.”

Primary Teacher

Lubna Naveed

Everyone should join The Ivy School because of all the fun and interesting activities we do. Every day we read, work, play, eat and also have fun! My favourite time is when we do popcorn reading. We enjoy too while doing our work so we learn so much!

 Grade 5 Student

Mohammad Mian Noor


Working at Ivy has been a fantastic experience, the culture promotes “thinking differently ,“ “ self-empowerment" and a "growth mindset." The leadership team is approachable and receptive to feedback. Every student is unique, and assessments are designed to highlight unique traits. Students are taught empathy to make them better citizens of the world. I feel proud to be a part of Ivy. 

Kindergarten Coordinator

Sanna Aymen

I like my school because I learn about new things every day. Like how to code and learning more about the environment and more math! I also like the bamboo play structure because it's fun. Thank you to all my teachers for helping me.

Grade 3 Student

Amelia Maayr


I chose Ivy after meeting the people behind it. I knew exactly that this is what I was looking for; emotional safety for my children, a more individualised approach to learning, development of non-academic skills, better opportunities to learn foreign languages, and smaller class sizes. I visited the campus and met the teachers, and I was blown away with the quality of education and the level of co-curricular activities.  The best part is that my children look forward to school. Every day, I see that sparkle in their eyes when we are on our way to drop them off. Ivy is like a close-knit family; everyone knows the students by name. The management is approachable and so genuinely interested in the well-being of their saplings, the teachers are at par. In short, Ivy provides the best of everything be it sports, arts, education, or community building. When my son Essa joined Ivy, my friends and family started noticing remarkable improvement in him, be it his communication skills or his overall grooming, and a lot of my friends were impressed with such positive improvement. Later, when my daughter Maryam joined, her learning experiences were beyond my expectations. I've noticed the kids have become more imaginative, disciplined and curious while doing all their activities. So, I would recommend Ivy to all the parents!


Hira Faisal Butt

I chose Ivy because I wanted a place that believed in every child being unique, and nurtured their individuality instead of trying to mould them into someone else. I love how Ivy has cultivated a community of like-minded individuals who work together to ensure that Ivy Saplings work together. Based on all these wonderful things, I would definitely recommend Ivy to everyone.


Anam Shafaat

Young minds are an inspiration. The radiance of energy that they possess is contagious and to channelize them is our task. When the kids have their 'Aha' moment that is when you realize that "I have made it Today". Here at Ivy, students along with teachers have the freedom of choice and autonomy to be creative and think 'out of the box'. Students' engagement techniques with a variety of strategies are just exceptional. We all want to feel heard and that is what we endure at Ivy. Inspiration comes with trust so let us hold hands and build up that relationship

Primary Teacher

Anushah Amirali

I like my school because I like soccer and love to play with my friends. I also enjoy painting activities and Math. Math is my favourite subject at school because I learn through games.

Grade 1 Student

Zaki Asadullah

I have worked in early childhood education for over 20 years now. During this time, I have had the privilege of working at international and local preschools, where I have witnessed the different ways they were run, the different philosophies they had and the approaches they used towards ECE. I have to say that I am impressed in how welcoming and open the Head of School and staff at Ivy have been. Any ideas or changes I have thought up or proposed have been met with open minds and positive criticism. I have been given multiple opportunities to grow as a part of the the school. I am pleased with their international curriculum and approach towards play-based learning. Over the past few years, Ivy has become like a second home for me. I love going to work every day and doing what I love best! I take pride in what I do and have formed many lasting relationships with parents and their children. The Ivy Preschool has given me the opportunity to give children a great start in life by providing a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment. Over all these years I have met and worked with many wonderful co-workers who love taking care of our children as much as I do. I also enjoy being at Ivy because my work that I am so passionate about is valued and appreciated. The school offers trainings which contributes to everyone’s higher learning

Preschool Coordinator

Sumaira Wali