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We  are an inquiry-based, learner-centric school which aims to develop reflective, capable and caring learners prepared to meet the needs of the changing global landscape - Ivy mission

Ivy is committed to providing the best educational experience to all students and our admission policies and waitlisting procedures reflect this. Due to our class sizes, some children who are accepted to Ivy may be placed on a waiting list. Accepted students are placed on a waiting pool strictly in chronological order by date of completed application. Priority is given to children with one or more siblings accepted into other classes. 


Applications and Priority Lanes 

Application submission is not a guarantee of admission, and before applying we encourage all families to read the information below. Please contact the admissions office should you have any questions regarding space availability for your child(ren). 



Consideration 1: Applicants with enrolled siblings 

Consideration 2: Children of Ivy employees 

Consideration 3: Applicants who are returning students from abroad 

Consideration 4: International students 

Consideration 5: Families referred by existing families