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Ivy is home to a diverse academic and cultural community. We welcome applications from all around the world. Our admissions process is the same for all applicants irrespective of their nationality or citizenship. There are no quotas or limits of any kind at any point in the admissions process and applications are accepted all year round. All students are considered in the same pool for places in the incoming class. Parents may drop an email to the admissions office after submitting an application online in case there is no local number available for the school to contact on. We will do our best to accommodate assessments or interviews based on travel plans. 

“We, as a family (especially the children) love and adore the Ivy school and as parents we are ever so grateful for the way the school and its exceptional staff have nurtured our children and helped them grow with confidence along with excellent academics and social integration. We thank you most sincerely and are saddened that their journey with the Ivy School is ending.”

– Faraz Mahmood, Ivy Parent

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