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A force for good

We believe that students that are empowered, bring change. Through school-wide and student-led initiatives, Ivy provides multiple opportunities for community service and continues to expand service learning in response to local and global needs. Students at Ivy are empowered to make a difference in their communities and develop the commitment to actively work for betterment and progress as part of being a responsible global citizen.  

All projects at Ivy commit to one of two criteria: a public product that can be accessible to all, or a service to community and beyond. In this way, students learn to put others before themselves from the earliest grades. They are encouraged to find meaning in service as they go through various stages of a project such as brainstorming, ideation, research, interviews, activities, etc. 

Student-led service initiatives at Ivy are strongly supported and in addition to in-school service clubs, our community partners include a host of local non-profits that provide a range of service-learning opportunities to students. 

Our Service in Numbers