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nothing without joy

At the very core of our beliefs, actions and play-based philosophy is the understanding of the child as a unique and curious learner. At Ivy, our children’s social and emotional well-being is paramount. Our focus during the early years is to nurture in students a lifelong love of learning through wonder-driven investigations, awe-inspiring play invitations, and loving relationships to make meaning of the world around us. 

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Curricular Elements

Learning through play

A balance of guided and free play activities encourage preschoolers to learn while having fun in a thoughtful, creative, and wonder-filled environment

Hands-On Exploration

STEAM and World Course activities, including cooking, gardening, music and crafts foster observation skills and curiosity in our children. 

Music & Movement 

An emphasis on music, movement,  physical play and expression promotes fitness, coordination and gross motor skills in little movers.

Three Languages

Exposing children to English, French and Urdu via stories, songs and play on a daily basis boosts confidence, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Self-help Skills

Fundamental self-help skills such as eating independently or taking care of their possessions, help our little ones get ready for full-day school.