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Advised by researchers at the Pedagogy of Play project by Harvard Project Zero, we aim to create a culture of playful learning that permeates every level of learning in our school. Together, we seek to learn more about and implement playful learning practices that can change the way we look at education.

About the Advisory

Since 2022, Ivy has partnered with the Yvonne Liu-Constant - a practitioner specialist at Pedagogy of Play, to bring a research lens to the study and implementation of playful learning practices.  We believe that supported by the resources provided by leading researchers at Harvard, we can gain insight into the groundwork being done in the field of play and learning. 

Pedagogy of Play (PoP) is a research collaboration between the Lego Foundation and ProjectZero at Harvard Graduate School of Education. To learn more, please visit:

Gudda guddi ki shaadi!

Among Ivy’s many firsts, we are also a pioneer in bringing back cultural play that goes beyond the playground. We aim to create a play community that explores the multi-layered, spontaneous nature of play while analysing the intersection of play, culture, and community. The Gudda and Gurya ki Shaadi at Ivy was a manifestation of this very statement. This traditional event is more than a century old, and is in essence an elaborate pretend play that includes real-life rituals like the ‘mehendi rasm’ and the ‘moun mitha’ as well as the traditional ‘entry of the bride’ and the much loved ‘dholki. We saw students, parents, teachers, and grandparents all involved in this rich cultural immersion as we celebrated the legacy of play.

Clay Play

What's more calming than immersing your fingers in clay. It's not only fun to partake in such activities but Ivy made sure that our little ones learned a new skill. Pottery can be taken up as a hobby or just a meditation exercise. So its the perfect activity to keep children busy!


Students set out to discover what fascinates them about math. Strategies, concepts, models of mathematical thinking merged with projects, problem solving, data analysis and number sense. Students represented their mathematical thinking in ways that were meaningful to them. From fractals and symmetry, math songs, slopes and gradients - from spatial sense, carpentry and measurement, to weighted proportions in cooking, hand-made calculators, scales of building prototypes, and even mathematical proofs as one student derived the golden ratio our showcase was truly spectacular!

Cultural playdate

Playdates at Ivy provide children with opportunities to practice important social and emotional skills. Our saplings learn to share, take turns and cooperate as they interact with each other. In line with our Tehzeeb program, a special playdate was held where our saplings dressed up in cultural clothes and brought with them their funds of knowledge passed down through generations. From Pakistani cultural music to tonga rides and ajraks, from kulfi corners and tandoors to chaiwalas and baithaks, a great deal of giggles were heard and a lot of hugs were had!

Playing with pets

It’s been an absolute pleasure to host all the wonderful pets our Ivy families brought in, to celebrate some paws-itivity at the Ivy Pet Parade. We had families bring in old furry friends and new, adopted pets, and rescues!It's always fun to see our family getting together like this. 


Passion project showcase 2022

Passion Projects are an offshoot of Genius Hour at big organisations and are independently founded and student-led projects that achieve a personal goal. This year our saplings displayed a host of passion projects including starting small businesses, non-profits, writing blogs, vlogs, initiating community projects, doing independent research, building websites, creating models or simulations, and inventing new ideas.


What better way to beat the heat than some little water fun? Our Water Play Day involved diving into water and having fun with our friends.

Passion Day

On passion day at Ivy, the school was abuzz with all sorts of activities and excitement. Lemonade stands to raise funds, homemade smoothies, giant recycled boats, pirate ships, the most incredible organic homemade henna, makeup, websites to raise awareness, anime art, signature clothing lines, dc motor airplanes, football simulations for public access, and so much more! Our saplings made us proud with their peer-to-peer learning across grade levels. Each year, we witness true agentic learning with our flagship Passion Projects - the first of their kind in Pakistan.

Passion Project Showcase 2021

The passion projects are questions or topics that students explore at home and are a great way for our saplings to use their research, writing, drawing, creating and crafting skills in a new way. Parents, students and staff greatly enjoyed touring the exhibits, and we learned a lot about all sorts of things. From sewing doll’s clothes, to constructing an animal rescue shelter, to building a puppet theatre, and writing comic books, our Ivy saplings are passionate about so many things!


This exhibit was curated as a series of visually pleasing invitations that allowed children to freely immerse themselves in the beautiful phenomenon of light. Through words, drawings, visual compositions and constructions, our preschoolers drew on and expanded their schema around light and the various ways it is disassembled, reflected, refracted, and emitted. We watched spellbound as our saplings formed and discarded hypotheses, explored theories, drew conclusions, and found explanations.