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A Dream Realised

From the day we began our journey, we have placed personalised education at the forefront of the local educational landscape.

Founded in 2018, Ivy is the brainchild of Aliya Hashim and Ali Anwerzada, a personal project and vision of two individuals who have felt passionately about education for more than a decade. When the school first opened its doors in 2018, we had just 24 students, and in four years we have grown to a well-selected 250. Initially, the Ivy campus was located in a small space. As we grew, we have now expanded to a larger campus building, with a focus on having a vibrant learning environment that is built around student interests, is modular and progressive in thought, and offers multiple opportunities to collaborate, engage and be active. 

Our vision has always been to work inside out, and hence the school has focused heavily on refining our unique pedagogy of student-driven project work, training teachers in international best practices and curriculums and putting that vision into practice. Over time, our defining characteristics have included an extraordinary range and types of courses offered, the quality of leadership and faculty, the clubs and activities available, and the general atmosphere. Ivy students are well known for being active, outspoken, advocating for rights and believing in themselves. We hope to leave a legacy of being one of the best schools in the region, believing not only in academic excellence, but developing in our students the desire to be learners, collaborators, and leaders of thought



Ali Anwerzada is Co-founder and Managing Director of The Ivy School and Founder and Director of Cedar College. He also heads the Economics Department at Cedar. Ali has a keen interest in the impact of quality early childhood education on economic outcomes, particularly early childhood interventions that influence educational attainment and employment in later life. With Ivy, he envisions bringing high-quality, research-based teaching practices to early learning settings that contribute to healthy child development today and a stronger future tomorrow.

Ali possesses a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Earlier, he received his MBA and Undergraduate degree from the Lahore University of Management Sciences.



Aliya Hashim is  the Co-founder and Head of School for Ivy since its inception in 2018.  Prior to founding Ivy, Aliya has experience working in the low-income education sector of Karachi, where she rolled out multiple grassroots reading programs in over 30 slum schools. She led dramatic improvements in reading outcomes for students of all age groups, and increased retention of girl students in schools through counselling and awareness programs. 

Aliya currently sits on the board of Bright Day Big Blocks - a global collective of play advocates from around the world. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, and a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  







"The excitement with which our daughter went to school every morning in itself is a testimony to the progressive and friendly environment of the Ivy School. She learnt different languages, math skills, teddy tennis along with balancing through obstacles as part of physical development. These little 3-year-olds are growing up to be independent toddlers who take ownership of their surroundings.  Our daughter has made some deep rooted friendships with her peers. They have developed such strong associations at such a young age which is remarkable. "

- Amna, Ivy Parent