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At Ivy, we believe diversity in our student body is our greatest strength. Our international curriculums offer multiple opportunities for students to build relationships across cultures, nationalities and other aspects of identity. As we build a diverse community of people, we aim to also focus on creating a diverse community of learners. As a result, our commitment to equity and inclusion in the student body are as important as our commitment to diversity. At Ivy, every student should feel valued, cared for, and included. Differences in culture, background, ability, identity and perspective should be celebrated. It is only though creating a positive climate tolerant of differences can we prepare our students for a successful global education. 



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an important tenet in our value system - one that requires much planning and thoughtful execution on our part. To facilitate us in this cause, we have put together a DEI Planning Team chaired by our Head of School Aliya Hashim. The team consists of educators and staff members from across sections in the school. 

Aliya Hashim

Zahra Bokhari

Murium Javed

Sumaira Wali

Hira Saad

Vajita Kumar

Zara Talati

Granville Noronha

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Happy Diwali!

November 4, 2021

Diwali is always a colorful affair at The Ivy School, and we love that it allows our saplings to share in each other's culture and traditions in the spirit of celebration and inclusivity. 🪔 🌼

May this Diwali bring forth the light of education to triumph over illiteracy, discrimination and injustice.

Here’s wishing a very Happy Diwali to all those celebrating!


Diwali 2019!

October, 26, 2019

At Ivy, we believe in celebrating happiness with those around us! Here, you can see our team member, Rajesh, showing the saplings how he makes rangoli on Diwali. Students across the school engaged in fun activities to spread the love on this Festival of Lights!

#theivyschool #earlychildhoodeducation #diwali @ The Ivy School

Snowy Day!

December 19, 2019

Snowy Day!

Can there be a better way to kick off the winter holidays than by celebrating a Snowy Day, Sapling style? There was music and merry-making, food and frolicking, and even a Santa!


Schools & Communities!

October, 21, 2021

Our Grade 2s are learning all about Schools and Communities. The unit focuses on the importance of schools and our saplings have been learning about incredible and unusual schools around the world. Rain schools, boat schools, tent schools and more! They've also been researching initiatives that exist in Pakistan like our street schools!

This week our students decided to take some initiative and teach the people around them. They reached out to the support staff at Ivy, and spent their morning teaching and learning with them. We are so proud to see our students applying what they learn. It is always a heartwarming sight to see our saplings reach out to make a difference, in all the little ways they can.

They are now working on a very special project that we will share with you soon. Stay tuned!


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