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Our Advisory Group

Catherine Snow

Catherine Snow is the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a pioneering expert on language and literacy development in children. Her contributions span age groups with much of her earlier work being centered around childhood literacy and bilingualism, and more recent contributions shaping the field of adolescent literacy. Many of the tools and programs created by her have informed researchers and academics in the field of reading education and bridged the theory-practice gap in classrooms across the world. In addition to numerous awards over her lengthy and distinguished career, she was inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame in 2009 and continues to spur a cognitive revolution in the way children of all ages learn to read. 

Yeap ban har

Yeap Ban Har is one of the world's leading authorities on Singapore Mathematics. An accomplished and inspirational trainer, Ban Har worked for a decade at the National Institute of Education in Singapore where he taught a range of teacher education courses and was involved in several funded research programs. He has held the role of principal at Marshall Cavendish, is currently Director of Curriculum at two Singapore schools, and sits on the advisory board of several schools in Singapore and Asia. Often called the 'Michael Jordan of Singapore Math,' he has authored many textbooks, and various titles in mathematics education. His latest project is his new mathematics program think! Mathematics which is an exciting new elementary math curriculum and has been launched successfully across the globe.

Yvonne liu-constant

Yvonne Liu-Constant is a Practitioner Specialist at the Pedagogy of Play. She is an early childhood educator who teaches at Boston Teacher Residency and Lesley University, where she was Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education. Yvonne has published research comparing childrearing practices of Chinese Immigrant and European American parents, and translated into English the Taiwanese children’s book Run, Little Hei Hei, Run. Yvonne is passionate about the integration of math, science, and the arts, and she is the founder of Mathful Play, a teacher collaborative that seeks to make math more playful and play more mathful. She is co-author of The Footbook: Steps to Developing Numbersense in Young Children.



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