At Ivy, we believe in exposing our students to a wide variety of practical (and fun!) activities to supplement their development and nurture their hunger for learning. Speciality classes are our way of achieving this goal. Our team of specialists are constantly improving existing Specialty Classes and deploying new ones.

Little Explorers

Our preschoolers explore their surroundings by going out on daily excursions and nature walks around our inspiring campus. This gives them a chance to interact with peers, observe pond and garden life, and collect natural materials which they then bring back to the classroom to engage in interpretive play or art activities. The program aims to encourage children’s innate curiosity about their natural environment and ignite their sense of wonder.


Getting Messy at the Farm

We believe in messy learning! That is why our preschoolers are given ample opportunities to experience the true joy of getting dirty. They participate in activities such as planting seeds and composting in our school farm. Students may also use the vegetables they harvest in their cooking classes. These activities help them to develop science, language, motor and social skills.

Our farm also houses a small barn on campus, which is home to school pets that are especially dear to our young learners.

Kitchen Adventures

Through an array of fun and messy kitchen activities, children learn science, language, motor and social skills. In addition, they get a deeper understanding of farm-to-table produce and how to develop healthy eating habits. This class is an opportunity for students to learn about food groups, nutrition and health.

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Little Matisse

Although children are exposed to daily art activities in their classrooms, they also have an opportunity to engage and experiment with different mediums and tools in our art studio. In the studio, they have a chance to work with pencils, oil pastels, clay, paint and other media to express themselves creatively and improve their observation skills. The classes take place both indoors in the studio, and outdoors to find art inspiration in nature.

Beyond art, the art studio also offers many opportunities for expanding vocabulary, following multiple-step directions, developing fine motor skills and improving teamwork through collaborative art projects.

Mozart Mouse & Beethoven Bear

We believe children of any age can enjoy, and should be able to experience, classical music. Our preschoolers are exposed to high quality classical music in addition to popular tunes, games, songs and stories.

In addition, our multi-sensory music and rhythm classes include a lot of rolling, sliding, marching and jumping to understand rhythms and beats and increase body awareness. Our preschoolers explore musical instruments like drums, xylophones, shakers, and bells; move and dance to stories and chants; and act out pieces of music from different cultures.

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tinker tots

Tinker Tots

In Tinker Tots we give children the freedom to explore various large and small-scale building tools while providing opportunities for literacy and STEM stimulation in high-quality makerspaces around the campus. Children practice fine and gross motor skills such as picking up and piecing together small objects and refining their pincer and palmar grips, which they will need when they start holding and using writing implements. They also build on problem solving skills as they work with large blocks and floor puzzles.

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