Our teachers are skilled and passionate individuals who are dedicated to the happiness and growth of their young learners.

Classroom Teachers

Our preschool teachers are trained to take on the role of facilitators and supporters during play. They model and promote inquiry by:

  • asking thoughtful, open-ended questions to clarify, expand or discover what children are thinking
  • encouraging collaboration and communication among groups
  • providing a rich variety of materials and resources designed to support learning
  • helping children make connections between prior knowledge and new discoveries.

At Ivy, teachers are strongly encouraged to maintain excellent communication with parents so that they are up-to-date with their child’s progress. Progress reports, photographs, weekly updates, emails and conferences are all opportunities for teachers and parents to connect.

In-house Literacy Specialist

Our strong focus on developing early language and literacy skills means our in-house preschool literacy specialist collaborates daily with class teachers to suggest books and resources to enhance lessons. The specialist visits each preschool classroom daily to lead story time and dive deep into literacy activities.


Professional Development

An integral part of the preschool program is ongoing teacher development. Our teachers enjoy in-house and external professional development opportunities including international certification workshops.

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