We are a diverse team of dedicated and qualified individuals brought together by our passion for quality and innovative educations.

Why choose Ivy?


A well-rounded, research-based curriculum

Our curriculum is based on three elements: collaborative inquiry, skills proficiency and whole-child learning.

A robust extra-curricular program

Our students are provided rich and varied opportunities to engage in and explore different extracurricular activities which help them achieve their full potential.


Experienced & qualified teachers

An Ivy education is based on high-quality creative teacher performance. Our lead team is highly qualified with deep roots in the education sector both locally and globally.

A safe & nurturing learning environment

Our students enjoy a warm and loving environment equipped with world-class learning resources which support dynamic, experiential learning both indoors and outdoors. Our beautiful campus is intentionally designed to allow students to connect with nature and enhance learning.

Ivy Inspires
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A growth-oriented approach to learning

At Ivy, we believe that performance-based models alone do not support true learning in the classroom. Hence, we focus on the overall well-being of all children, and encourage them to build a rich foundation for the progress of their emotional development, skills and competence.

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