What do we look for in a school? As a parent, I was searching for a school in Karachi where I could feel beyond the school walls and campus to the heart of the facility. I wanted to know the values that make the school what it is, the community that the school was trying to build, whether my child would be able to develop their creativity and potential in this environment. Whether they would be able to develop into lifelong learners.

Working on the curriculum for Ivy, I have kept these thoughts alive every step of the way. At Ivy, we have a unique approach to education, which is founded on principles of inquiry. Through the three components of our curriculum - collaborative inquiry, skills proficiency and whole-child learning - we seek to build higher-order thinking and intellectual adventurousness. We have a strong focus on character development because we believe it is important to teach our children to exercise independent judgement to help them reflect better on matters of value.

Where children come alive to their individuality and curiosity.

Ivy is a place of love and learning where children come alive to their individuality and curiosity - where young people feel safe enough to make mistakes and try again - where they learn not because they have to, but because they want to. Children engage with one another, have deep and meaningful discussions, share ‘big ideas’, and learn immersively through hands-on activities, all while growing as individuals within a community of learners.

As you catch your first glimpse of Ivy, I welcome you again to our school, and invite you to take a look at our philosophy and mission. Please feel free to reach out to us and allow us to share our experience with you.

Aliya Hashim

Head of School


Aliya Hashim

Ed.M. Harvard University
Founder and Head of School
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