We are a team of dedicated individuals with a passion to improve education in the country.


Aliya Hashim

Founder and Head of School

Aliya has a Masters in Education (Language and Literacy) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration Karachi, and a diploma in Reading Difficulties from READyslexics, Karachi. She has extensive teacher training and curriculum development experience in early language and literacy development and has worked with children from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and learning needs. At Harvard, her key research interest was development of instructional supports for early language acquisition.

Favourite Children’s Book: How the Mouse was hit on the head by a stone and so discovered the world by Etienne Delessert


Ali Anwerzada


Ali is the director and founding member of Cedar College. He also heads the Economics Department at Cedar. Ali has a keen interest in the impact of quality early childhood education on economic outcomes, particularly early childhood interventions that influence educational attainment and employment in later life. With Ivy, he envisions bringing high-quality, research-based teaching practices to early learning settings that contribute to healthy child development today and a stronger future tomorrow.

Ali possesses a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Earlier, he received his MBA and Undergraduate degree from the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

"It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others - and less trouble." - Mark Twain


Omair Masood


Omair Masood is a Director and founding member of Cedar College. He teaches Accounting at Cedar College. Omair graduated from the University of Lancaster in 2007 after completing his Bachelors in Accounting and Finance.

He is always interested in taking calculated risks, and thoroughly enjoys investing in stocks and start-ups. He believes that the best way to learn is through experience, and encourages his students to think outside the box; to learn at every step along the way. Omair likes to unwind watching and playing football, or simply enjoying the company of his friends.


Bilal Hameed


Bilal is a founding member and director of Cedar College. He teaches A Level Chemistry and is currently the Dean of Cedar College. Bilal has worked closely with students through the years to make classrooms more interactive. Being a strong proponent for accessibility to education, he strives to diminish the orthodox limitations of the classroom, introducing modern technologies and media into the education process.

Having completed his A Levels from Karachi Grammar School, Bilal went on to Rutgers University, USA, to study Computer Science and Chemistry. When not in his classroom, Bilal enjoys spending time keeping up to date with (and ahead of) latest technology; just as much as he enjoys reading back into history (American history, the Cold War, history of science and Islamic history). He is a gourmand and is always curious to find new eateries in the city. Alongside these, are his passion for cricket, tennis, photography and mystery novels.


Raza Kizilbash


Raza is passionate about the development of the educational sector in Pakistan and is keen on bringing the best of international resources back home.

Raza has an MBA from the International University of Japan and a BSc. from LUMS. He is an avid traveller, works in the financial sector and currently calls Hong Kong home.

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