Our Mission

We are an inquiry-based, learner-centric school which aims to develop reflective, capable and caring learners prepared to meet the needs of the changing global landscape.


Our Philosophy

As a community of learners we believe in the fostering of thinking more than the isolated transmission of knowledge. We aim to develop each child into a well-balanced individual who is not only equipped with the right strategic tools to further their academic understanding, but is also able to communicate well with peers and adults and embraces diversity and pluralism as a citizen of the world.

This is why our preschool curriculum is founded on principles of play and discovery. We encourage our youngest students to treat the world as a laboratory where they can experiment with and create meaningful experiences. Our learning resources and teaching staff make effective use of play-based activities to further the learning of young minds and connect what is already known to new and  growing experiences.

Our primary years curriculum is based on principles of inquiry and reflective thinking. We believe that children need real-life connections to subject matter, to make learning engaging and meaningful. Our primary year teachers are trained in inquiry practices such as hypothesizing, investigating, reasoning, and creating new understandings. Our excellent staff-to-child ratio, well-designed campus and facilities and multi-dimensional programme are vital to the culture of learning we seek to create.


Our Values

  • Learning happens all the time and everywhere for us
  • Mutual respect and equality are the foundations of our community
  • We are intellectual adventurers ready to engage and grapple with new ideas
  • A sense of ownership and agency makes us equal partners in our learning process
  • Maintaining a balance between our intellectual, physical and emotional selves is important for our well-being
  • Understanding we are part of a global community helps us appreciate diversity and make responsible choices
  • We strive towards cultivating a culture that promotes justice and truth
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